You Can Do IT with CompTIA

by Keith Greaves | Jul 29, 2016
You Can Do IT with CompTIA
The IT industry is booming, and it needs your help.
Whether you’re just starng your IT career or climbing the ranks of the
IT industry, with CompTIA, you can do IT. Our cerficaons make sure
that your skills are a match for whatever IT future lies ahead.
is ranked as the
#1 source
of U.S. jobs.
The number of open IT posions is
expected to increase
17% by 2022.
8 out of 10 IT companies
are seeking qualified IT professionals.
of cerfied individuals
claim their cerficaon
helped them get their
foot in the door
for a
job interview.
IT impacts everything.
Already working in IT?
New to IT?
Already cert if ied?
You can go anywhere with an IT career!
Job opportunies are available in cies across
the country, and throughout the world.
From banking to manufacturing, from social media to mobile phones, technology is
everywhere, and so are career opportunies. Cerficaons make your skills stand out
in a sea of resumes so that you can jumpstart your IT career.
Technology doesn’t stand sll.
And employers reward professionals who keep current with the mes. By keeping
your cerficaons current or pursuing addional accreditaon, you can adapt your
skill sets to evolving technology throughout your career.
Training alone is not enough.
Employers want proven performance. Cerficaons give you the street
cred that your skills are legit...and represent the praccal knowledge that
fuels rapid career advancement.
of IT professionals who have earned
a cerficaon or have become re-
cerfied reported
increased work
effect iveness
More than 70%
of HR managers say
IT cerfied workers
more likely
to be promoted
than those without
of HR managers
use cerficaons to
disnguish between
equally qualified
CompTIA cerfied professionals
with less than one year of experience
more domain
than uncerfied
staff with three years experience.
of IT respondents who trained in the last year said it
was a
posive investment
for their career path.
of HR managers use IT
cerficaons as screening
or hiring criteria during
of businesses in maturing economies
across the globe plan to hire IT workers
this year.
Cerfied IT employees
benefit employers
with higher likelihood of
being promoted and beer
job performance than
non-IT cerfied staff.
getcert if
for more informaon.
Expect success with
CompTIA cert if icat ions!
IT Skills & Salary Report
CompTIAs HR Percepons of IT Training and Cerficaon Study
Value of IT Cerficaon Survey
CompTIA Cyberstates
CompTIA Internaonal Technology Adopon & Workforce Trends Study
U.S. Bureau of Labor and Stascs
U.S. News & World Report
of companies provide
some type of support
for IT employees who obtain cerficaons.
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