How to Earn CEUs to Renew Your Certification

The Continuing Education (CE) program provides a variety of activity types with which to earn Continuing Education Units (CEUs). Each activity has a maximum number of CEUs that can be submitted based on the activity type. When looking for activities to participate in make sure that 50% of the subject being taught, subject you are teaching or what you are writing about relates to one or more of the exam objectives for the certification you are renewing. CompTIA encourages you to use your best judgment in determining activities with relevant topics relating to the certification being renewed.

CE Program Activities Summary

View the CE program activities summary to learn about the various types of CE activities, the number of Continuing Education Units (CEUs) you can earn for each activity and the documents you’ll need to submit for your CEUs.

3-year renewal cycle example

Security+ intent level – 50 CEUs

Attend a 1-hour webinar

  • 1 CEU earned per hour
  • Total 1

Complete 40 hours of training

  • 1 CEU earned per hour of training
  • Total 40

Work experience

  • 3 CEUs earned per CE renewal cycle year
  • Total 9

CompTIA has reviewed and preapproved training for CEUs. Please review the training specific to the certification you are renewing.

CEU Checklist

When earning CEUs, it is important to ensure the following steps are completed:

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