7 Ways to Leverage Your CompTIA Certification

Now that you have a CompTIA certification, it’s time to put it to good use by increasing its value. Here are seven steps to take to get the most from your certification:

  1. Display your certificate 
    Proudly demonstrate the symbol of your hard work at your office or home.
  2. Update your resume 
    In addition to adding your CompTIA certification to the list of credentials on your resume, read our Value of Certification research to help you gain confidence and understand specifically how your certified skills can benefit current and/or future employers. Lastly, be sure to check out our IT Pro resume tips.
  3. Enhance your Online Image 
    Your personal brand includes your resume and your digital footprint. What does your online presence look like? How do people perceive you, and how do you want them to perceive you? Your LinkedIn profile may be the first thing potential employers see, so start there and make sure it is as current and relevant as your resume. If you’re one of the millions who use LinkedIn for professional networking, you already know how useful it is to add your CompTIA certification(s) to your profile. In fact, professionals who add certifications can get up to 6x more views to their profiles. Watch this webinar to learn how to craft a LinkedIn profile that will make a lasting positive first impression. Once you're on LinkedIn, be sure to join the LinkedIn CompTIA certification groups to get career insights and job leads from certified professionals like yourself, and ask former colleagues and clients to write recommendations for you.
  4. Tell the world #IAmCompTIACertified
    Social media is a powerful networking tool, and great way to share your accomplishments, get direction and connect with your peers. Get involved and join CompTIA on our social media channels.
  5. Use the CompTIA certification logo
    As a CompTIA certified professional, you can use our logos wherever you see fit to boost your job prospects, including your resume, cover letter, e-mail signature, website or professional bio. You have access to download your certification logo directly from your certification account.
  6. Attend in-person and online events targeted towards IT Professionals
    You might be surprised by how quickly you can win friends and influence people with your CompTIA certification. Plus, you’ll gain insights, networking skills and possible jobs leads. Sign up today to stay informed of upcoming events, and keep your wallet card handy!
  7. Stay current
    It is important for IT professionals to show employers that their skills, knowledge and credentials are current with industry developments. If you have a CE-type certificate, the renewal of your certification gives you a definitive advantage in your IT career and may even be required by your employer.

Job Resources

When you’re ready use other organizations and resources to bolster your certification’s value, here are a few places to start.

Blue Ribbon Techs: This online service matches qualified techs with potential clients. Add your CompTIA certification logo(s) to your credential profile to stand out among the other users.

Brainhunter.com: This professional talent database is used by contractors. You can display certification badges on your online profile, save money on exam vouchers and training materials and perhaps find your next IT job.

Field Nation: Set yourself apart as a high quality contractor in this trusted global marketplace. Find job listings that require CompTIA certification to ensure that what you find is the best match for you.

Indeed.com: Use Indeed.com's job placement tool to find jobs associated with your CompTIA-certified skills.

Dice.com: Finding a job may sometimes feel like rolling the dice, but with more than 80,000 listings, Dice.com relies on focused listings for IT professionals. The website offers several ways to customize job searches in the tech marketplace, including by skill-set, location and company.

TechCareers.com: This website is exclusively dedicated to tech jobs featuring up-to-the-minute job postings by companies around the country. It also includes helpful career resources, including news stories about the tech industry and profiles of featured companies.

ITJobPro.com: This website is designed for IT companies to post jobs and for IT professionals to apply for them. The jobs listed here come from around the world; from some of the fastest growing tech communities beyond the U.S., including Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

iCrunchData.com: Microsoft, NASA and Amazon all post their latest job opportunities to this site, which allows users to search opportunities according to job type – like big data, analytics and technology – with specific subcategories.

JustTechJobs.com: This website is supported by more than 120 other tech sites, aggregating job listings into one easily searchable destination for all things tech.